Digitale Watch

Since the digital ecosystem is becoming increasingly decisive for image and opinions management, Global View mobilizes its teams and tools to conduct effective and perennial digital watch accordingly to your specific industry, in order to meet the digital issues that businesses and organizations face.

  • E-reputation

    Via dedicated tools for online surveys , Global View operates a web review of the social networks , blogs , forums , video platforms, webzines and press in order to extract the conversations and trends exchanged around a company, brand or personality.
  • Social Media

    Our strategic and operational recommendations enable our customers to develop their presence on social networks and enhance the commitment of their community.
  • E-influencers Mapping

    In order to design and deploy effective influence strategies on the internet, Global View offers its customers to identify online influencers likely to be interested in their speaking out.
  • Trends Watch

    Global View measures the digital and social performance of your communications strategy via technology intelligence tools dedicated to identify structural trends.