Partnership and events

Building on our experience and expertise in project management , Global View accompany you from the application process of your interest group throughout the partnership agreement , taking account of the risks and challenges attached to the project. Our approach is to assess the compliance of a project, but also taking into account the PPP inherent problems: performance requirements , operations performance and availability to ensure a satisfactory public service for its users.

  • We act on behalf of numerous organizations, private and institutional worldwide clients: private companies , public oragnizations, event organizers , communities.
  • We accompany our clients throughout the completeness of their projects, from the strategy definition to the implementation of field operations.
  • For all your corporate , institutional and sports events, our teams provide turnkey solutions , from consulting and design to implementation, covering many sectors : food , finance , textile, telecom, industry ...


You want to assert economic, technical, social or political interests into motion by a public decision. Through a deep understanding of the decision-making institutions, Global View accompanies you in your efforts by building arguments around reliable data, advancing reasonable solutions. We offer our customers to develop in close cooperation with public and private authorities, a constructive and transparent lobbying strategy .