The Agency


Global View is a global communications agency, which targets decision makers from the public sphere and the private sector active in the field of consulting, audit, strategic positioning as well as in the design and implementation of campaigns of political and institutional communications.



Who are we ?

Founded in 2011, Global View is one of the earliest communications consulting agencies, public relations West Africa. Heart of our business covers the sensitive communications, corporate communications, public affairs, investment facilitation and digital communication. In a competitive environment and fast changing, digital is present and naturally integrated into each of our recommendations, each of our action plans.

What are we doing ?

Global View is designed to increase the level of efficiency and quality of its services by bringing together a wide range of expertise around your projects, involved in many business sectors, to guide management teams and support organizations at every key stage of their development.

Our values

Thinking communication beyond the public relations or corporate communications to ensure advisory services to win the support of our partners, all based on the development of strategies following a unique approach and proven, a clear understanding of communication mechanisms, political and economic issues, while providing dedicated and personalized approach.